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12 - 12

12 - 12

12 - 12

12 - 12

12 - 12

12 - 12

12 - 11

If you're into good things you won't be disappointed, at least by our drinks

First and foremost we pride ourselves on our vast and rare beer selection spanning 20 cask and keg taps alongside specialist bottles and cans from all four corners of the flat earth including vegan and gluten free brews.


Not into beer? We serve almost anything you could possibly want; wines, spirits, whiskey, gin, rum, real ciders, and a tonne of soft drinks. If you like it, we probably have a version of it, you just might not have heard of it - we like to stock some of our shelves and pumps with a selection of local products and more independent brands where we can.


If our extensive range is a little overwhelming, our off duty staff can be found at the bar drinking the good stuff, so they’re always ready with recommendations when they’re back behind the bar.


Found something you like but want it later? We do a 10% discount on our bottles and cans if you want to take them with you.

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