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All prices for 25ml
Add Fever Tree tonic for £1.60

Buxton Dry Gin                 41.9%.       3.70

   Modern gin from Buxton brewery with exotic        spices, citrus peels and fresh hops

Robin of Locksley VSOT.     57.5%.       4.50

   A navy strength Very Special Old Tom which       has been cask aged in Sauternes barrels

Cotswold Dry Gin             46%.          3.40

   Cloudy dry gin with nine botanicals including       local lavender

Geranium 55° London Dry  55.0%        3.90 

   A special edition higher strength version of the     popular Geranium London Dry, with herby           geranium 

Worship St Cream Gin       43.8%        3.70

   Thick and creamy sweet gin

   (contains lactose)

Chief Gowanus Traditional

New-Netherland Gin         44.0%         3.70

   Made with a base of rye whisky with juniper       and hops

St George Botanivore         45.0%        3.70

   With 19 botanicals this gin is spicy and floral

St George Terroir               45.0%        3.70

   Local Californian botanicals give this gin a         fresh, piney flavour

Cambridge Truffle Gin        42.0%        4.30

   Designed to be a digestif, made with white         truffles

Citadelle Reserve Gin         44.0%        3.70

   Crisp, clean, herby gin

West Winds Cutlass Gin        50.0%        4.00

   A savoury tasting gin with cinnamon and bush     tomato

District Coconut & Lime          37.5%       3.60

   Tropical tasting sweet citrusy gin

Malfy Blood Orange              41.0%.     3.60

   Flavoured gin with Sicilian blood oranges

Malfy Pink Grapefruit              41.0%     3.60

   Flavoured gin with handpicked juniper, italian     lemons and Sicilian pink grapefruit

Tarquins British Blackberry        38.0%     3.60

   Balanced fruit gin infused with blackberries

Tarquins Rhubarb & Raspberry  38.0%     3.60

   Balanced fruit gin infused with rhubarb and         raspberry

Tarquins Strawberry & Lime      38.0%     3.60

   Balanced fruit gin infused with strawberry and     lime

Robin of Locksley

Raspberry & Cardamom         40.5%     3.60

   A flavoured version of their standard gin

Mermaid Pink Gin                 38.0%     3.60

   A smooth pink gin with Isle of Wight                   strawberries and Sicilian lemon

Cooper King Berry & Basil      25.0%     3.60

   Dry gin steeped with Yorkshire raspberries and     fresh basil

Derbyshire                           40%        3.60 

Coconut and Pineapple 






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