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Other Spirits

El Distillado Agave Spirit

Pichomel                             46.2%        3.90

   Smoky with sweet and sour aroma

Espadin                              48.5%        3.90     Intensely flavoured with a lovely spicy lift

Tobala                                46.0%        3.90

   Leafy and fresh with a hint of smoke

Derrumbes Oaxaca Mezcal    47.5%        3.90

   Agave spirit with slight smokiness

Nouvelle Orleans

Absinthe Jade                       68.0%        4.50

Hints of coriander, lime, fennel and anise

Tarquins Cornish Pastis              42.0%      3.70

   Modern take on the French aniseed spirit

Wild Beer Co Spirit of Pogo.     42.5%      3.90

   Made off the back of the Pogo pale ale, with       notes of orange and citrus

Arran Gold Cream Liqueur 50ml 17.0%     3.90

   Sweet, chocolatey cream liqueur

Yaguara Cachaca Bianca          40.5%     3.90

   Brasilian spirit drink made from sugar cane

Blackfire Coffee Tequila             33.0%     3.40

   Coffee liqueur made with tequila blanco and       chilli

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